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5 Benefits of Mindfulness in EMS

Mindfulness --- yes it sounds great in theory, but did you know that practicing this skill can have very real and practical benefits in EMS? Mindfulness is the state of being conscious or aware of something. It can also refer to focusing awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging our feelings, thoughts, and sensations without being overly reactive or overwhelmed. When doing routine duties in EMS, it can be easy to fall into auto-pilot mode. But it's important not to. Taking time to do things correctly and using proper technique each and every time can have a major impact....

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Advice for People Interested in EMS & New EMTs (Best Responses)

Over the past couple years, we've been doing what we call EMT Spotlights, showcasing individual stories here on our website and asking members of the On Time team a variety of questions about their work. One of our favorites is, "Do you have any advice for new EMTs, or for people thinking about getting into this line of work?" Here are some of the best responses that On Time employees have shared. We hope these insights might help encourage you to try out this line of work. So without further ado, let's get into it! Advice people thinking of getting...

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EMT Spotlight: Stephanie Santiago, FTO

This week, we caught up with Stephanie Santiago, an EMT and Field Training Officer to talk about working as an AVO while in EMT school, helping people during some of their hardest times, and learning from others along the way. What inspired you to get involved in EMS? What initially brought me into EMS actually was the pandemic, believe it or not. It was during 2020, I was working in a doctor's office, and I just wanted to get more hands-on in taking care of patients and helping out. I had a friend who went into EMT school, so I...

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Employee Spotlight: Logistics & Retention Manager Denise Goodman

This week, we caught up with Denise Goodman, On Time's Logistics & Retention Manager. We discussed the connection between scheduling and employee retention, the challenges of keeping track of crews and trucks, and the expectations for EMTs in terms of communication and availability. Our conversation has been edited for brevity and clarity. What exactly does the Logistics Department do? Dispatch? Scheduling? Focusing on employees? The Logistics team, or Employee Resource Department does several things. We ensure that new hires are scheduled after field training. We coordinate field training for new employees, as well as for current employees looking to...

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EMT Spotlight: Field Supervisor Dayle Gibson

Dayle Gibson is a Field Supervisor at On Time Ambulance. Starting as an EMT with the company in 2019, Dayle has held the roles of EMT Mentor, Field Training Officer, and now Field Supervisor. We caught up with Dayle to ask about what motivates her, the unique learning experiences in EMS, and what it takes to succeed in the field. How did you become an EMT? What inspired you to get into this line of work? My mom is a nurse, my dad works in hospitals, and my brother was working hard trying to join our local fire department,...

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Employee Spotlight: EMT Tanner Coles

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