25 Years of Caring in Motion

On Time Medical Transportation celebrates 25 years in business. Owner John Bush reflects on the company's success.


When I opened On Time 25 years ago, it was a wheelchair van company with three vehicles and a handful of drivers based out of my mother's basement.

Today, we have expanded into a full-service medical transportation company with a fleet of 130 vehicles and four locations throughout New Jersey.

Along with wheelchair van services, we now offer basic life support and specialty care ambulance transportation, 911 emergency EMS services, medical busses & shuttles, stand-by medical services for events, insurance billing consultations, facility partnerships, pet therapy, and more.

We have achieved this level of success because of our amazing team of dedicated employees. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our EMTs, MAVTs, dispatchers, nurses, fleet maintenance staff, administrative personnel, and everyone who has helped make On Time what it is today.

In an industry that has seen widespread closures in recent years, I think our longevity affirms our status as one of NJ's most trusted medical transportation providers.

I also want to take a moment to thank all of our clients, their families, and our facility partners that have selected us as their preferred transportation provider during our first quarter-century in business. Choosing a medical transportation company is a sensitive endeavor and we all truly appreciate your trust.

As our company has evolved, so has our tagline. It has changed from Excellence in Mobility Assistance to Caring in Motion. We want our motto to reflect what our services are really all about: quality care for our clients. Whether we're transporting a client to dialysis treatment, providing bus services for a special needs school, shuttling seniors to activities from their nursing home, responding to emergencies, or bringing grandma and grandpa to a family gathering, our services boil down to top notch care throughout the process.

While we are extremely proud of how far we've come, we recognize that we can never get complacent. Constant improvement in our services is the key to our continued success. We look forward to what our next 25 years in business will bring.

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