7 EMT Job Questions Answered

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 1/24/20 4:08 PM

On Time Ambulance | Healthcare Jobs Belleville NJMarlene Relvas, On Time EMT Recruiter


EMTs are everyday healthcare heroes. With real-life rewarding experiences and an exciting career, being a First Responder is an honorable role.

Interested in becoming an EMT, Paramedic or First Responder? Not sure where exactly to start? On Time employs hundreds of EMTs all across New Jersey.  Here we have a bunch of FAQs answered about this rewarding career straight from our recruiter, Marlene Relvas.


So whether you're here in NJ, or anywhere in the US, we hope you find this to be helpful.



What characteristics are highly sought after in new EMTs? 

Private ambulance companies and hospital systems look for EMTs that are: 

  • reliable team players, 
  • caring,
  • people who are looking to grow within a company.

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What can new hires expect to learn from more senior EMTs?

They’ll explain what the environment is like, the type of equipment you’ll be working with, schedule flexibility, and what you’ll learn in the field.


What if someone is curious about becoming an EMT, but unsure where and how to start?

We would recommend signing up for EMT and CPR certification classes to start. These programs are offered at community colleges and local third party educational institutions. 

Many private ambulance companies offer these classes as well. Many even offer in full tuition reimbursement after you work with them for a certain amount of time. Once that's done, you’ll get back all the money you spent on your education. 


Do companies prefer to look for people who are already licensed?

Yes, if possible. But if you have questions, the company will be more than happy to help you begin the process. You’ll be able to apply for positions after certification is received. 

Here’s more about how to ace your EMT interview.



What if I’m already with another company and want to switch?  

This is common in this industry --- and very doable. Reach out to recruiters and other firms and ask about their company culture and values. Try to find out if you’d be a good fit at another firm.

On Time Ambulance | Healthcare Jobs Roselle NJ

What does an EMT mentorship program entail? 

EMT mentorship programs give students formal training volunteering in emergency situations --- including going for ride-alongs to hospitals and other medical facilities. They teach the responsibilities needed for the health and safety of patients during transport to their destinations. 


What should an applicant look for in an ambulance company?

Ask about the growth and development opportunities available. Make sure there is ample room to grow. Understand the experience you’ll learn in the field --- and how that will shape your career.

Check out our five characteristics of what you should look for in a great ambulance company for more information.



On Time Ambulance | Healthcare Careers Roselle NJ-2Have more questions? Looking to become an EMT in New Jersey

You can reach out to Marlene at ontimetransport.com/careers with anything else you’d like to know.

Thank you for reading.

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