Are Your Seniors Getting the Transportation They Deserve?

If you manage transportation for a senior care facility, make sure your clients are getting the best service and your provider is making your life easier.

Is your senior care facility getting the transportation services that it deserves? Is the medical bus/shuttle/van company doing all that it should to ensure that safety is the top priority, and that your population is 100% satisfied? Arm yourself with the questions to ask to make sure that you and your clients are in the right hands.


  1. Will you keep me up to date on the latest transportation regulations and guidelines?

A great senior care transportation provider should be well-versed in the changing landscape of safety and regulatory practices. Both state and federal guidelines are constantly shifting. Are you being notified when new policies and procedures go into effect? The provider should be able to thoroughly explain the changes, give you a detailed plan on how they will remain compliant, and explain how you can audit their performance.

  1. Will I receive detailed reporting on my facility's trip volume and timely performance?

How will you know if the provider is doing a good job if you don't have detailed metrics to review? The responsibility falls on the transportation service to provide reporting on trip volume and instances of tardiness. If they are hesitant to turn over these numbers, they may be covering up poor performance, and it may be time to look elsewhere. Expect detailed analyses of volume, distance, passengers, costs, and lateness and call-outs if applicable.

  1. What sort of professional certifications do the drivers have?

Due to the inherent vulnerabilities of the senior population, passenger safety is of the utmost importance. A fully equipped senior care transportation company should have their drivers certified in a variety of safety techniques and medical specialties. Ask about driver certification in CPR and AED use, as well as MAVT qualifications.


  1. Will you provide Medicare compliance seminars?

Your transportation provider should be able to give you ongoing lessons on complying with Medicare rules. With Prior Authorization now the law in New Jersey, your provider should be on top of all rules and proactively informing you on how to comply. While some trips will not fall under these restrictions, a full-service provider will handle group recreation trips as well as more complex, medically involved individual transports.

  1. What types of restraint-systems are used on the buses/shuttles?

How are wheelchairs secured during transportation? Is the provider able to accommodate passengers with customized seat belt needs? Make sure the company is able to fully explain how they ensure that all passengers are always traveling with safety in mind.

  1. What do you do if a driver is out sick? Do you have a reliable backup in place?

If your provider is understaffed, one call-out could mean the difference between making the trip and having to deal with costly reschedulings or cancellations. Don't let a flaky transportation company stand in the way of bringing quality of life to your client population. Ask about the systems in place to ensure this scenario never arises.

  1. How often do your company's vans/buses undergo maintenance?

In the same way that activities come screeching to a halt if a driver calls out, the same is true if the bus or van breaks down. Ask if the company has mechanics in-house. If not, where do the vehicles go to get serviced? Do they perform regular checks to safeguard against service interruptions?


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