Employee Spotlight: Billing Manager Robyn Miller

Robyn's story of rising through the ranks at On Time.

Robyn began her career at On Time on April 14th, 1997, as a customer service representative taking customer calls, answering questions, booking trips, and conducting insurance verifications.

Today Robyn is the Billing Manager with several responsibilities including managing Accounts Receivable, following up with insurance denials, posting payments, compliance, and a variety of other billing functions. Robyn also leads a team of five other billing specialists at our Roselle, NJ headquarters. Last year Robyn earned her CACO (Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer) Certificate from the NAAC (National Academy of Ambulance Coders).

We recently sat down with Robyn to ask her a few questions about her job, the industry, and her take on working at On Time.


Robyn Miller (center left) with other members of the Billing Department at the Roselle, NJ headquarters at the 2016 Christmas Decoration Contest

Q: What's your favorite part of your job?

A: Definitely the people. They're really the biggest reason I've been here for so long. We're a great team and we keep each other laughing during stressful times.

Q: What's your most memorable story while working at On Time?

A: Shortly after I started we had a day where we lost power at headquarters. We had to literally run computers off of ambulances, so a few of us huddled into one small garage. We took calls from cell phones and just tried to make the best of the situation. Luckily we did what we had to do to get the job done.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone just starting a career in medical billing?

A: You'll need a lot of patience --- especially when dealing with insurance companies. Perseverance and diligence is key. It can be very frustrating at times, but always remain personable. Another big part of the equation is being a good listener. When dealing with patients you need to be empathetic and compassionate. It can get overwhelming for them so work with them as best you can. You don't always know people's situation. They may have high medical bills, etc. Put yourself in their shoes and ask: "What would I do for my family?"

Q: What are some challenges you face as a billing manager?

A: Basically the most challenging part is getting the money in a timely fashion. We get all our bills out on time, but the challenge is getting everything back in. Insurance companies tend to be fantastic at using stall tactics. They try to delay you in every way possible. You really have to know how to talk to the representative, when to ask for the supervisor, and when to be a bit pushy.

Q: What are some common insurance claim issues you see On Time patients face, and how do you advise them to handle these situations?

A: We often work with patients on navigating denials because transportation is not a "covered service." Non-emergency services like a hospital discharge or a wheelchair transport almost always fall in this category. We advise our patients and their families on how to call and appeal but there's never a guarantee.

One particular time stands out in which we assisted a gentleman who was working on getting Medicare to cover a trip his mother took from the airport. She was relocating from Florida up to New Jersey and needed to use air travel. While Medicare denied his claim, we advised him on how to appeal and how best to handle the situation.

Q: It seems like the medical transportation industry has a fair amount of fraud within it --- especially in billing. How does On Time ensure compliance with all regulations?

A: We play by the rules because we want to stay in business. If questionable bills are submitted, we as a company can get fined and the individual who physically submits the claims could be held liable.

Q: Is prior authorization curbing wasteful spending here in NJ?

A: I think seeing all those closures once the new policy went into effect was definitely an interesting correlation. It makes sense that other companies couldn't handle complying with the new rules since it's such a time consuming process.

Q: How is the work-life balance at On Time?

A: I have a young son who I pick up from school each afternoon. His school is almost an hour away from the office. Management has been terrific about understanding that I leave when I need to. They really do their best to accommodate all employees' family obligations --- and I'm extremely grateful for that.

Thanks for being such a valued member of the team, Robyn. Your hard work and dedication is an inspiration to us all.

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