Employee Spotlight: Dispatcher Maxi Blaise

Maxi's journey from wheelchair van driver to leader on the dispatch team.

Maxi Blaise, Dispatcher at the Roselle Headquarters, has been a member of the On Time team for over 20 years.

Maxi started at On Time in January 1996 as a caravan driver. Six months later, he became a coach driver for wheelchair vans. His daily duties included transporting clients to appointments, physical therapy visits and doctor's offices, and providing assistance to and from the van for each trip.

Maxi Blaise On Time Ambulance2.png

From left to right: Maxi Blaise, Juanita Jackson and Susan Delsandro

He has now been a dispatcher for over 10 years. Looking back at his career here, Maxi believes that he became a dispatcher in large part because of his start as a van driver. He learned the ropes of the field firsthand and knows exactly what's required in order for trips to run smoothly. Our drivers love working with Maxi because he fully understands their needs.

As a dispatcher, Maxi's current job duties involve:

  • Communicating with clients, drivers, and management to ensure efficiently scheduled services
  • Managing high trip volume (up to 40 or more simultaneous rides)
  • Entering information into the cloud-based dispatch system
  • Using knowledge of street locations, health care buildings, and geography of the areas served to ensure timely routes
  • Exercising sound judgment in all situations

In the next few years, Maxi aims to become the Dispatch Manager. He believes his experience climbing the ladder from driver to dispatcher will allow him to successfully and efficiently manage the entire Dispatch division.

If you're just starting off as a driver, Maxi has a few tips for you:

"Make sure safety is the priority. Hit all of your points: shoe locks, seat belts, and make sure that the 5-point restraint system is in place. If you form good habits, managers will notice."

Thank you for your continued dedication, Maxi!


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