Employee Spotlight: EMT, Dispatcher, & Scheduling Manager Stuart Maslow

A quick look at Stuart's story of rising through the ranks at On Time.

Stuart Maslow grew up taking care of a sick family member, realized he had a knack for patient care, and is now Scheduling Manager and a full-time EMT at On Time as well as a full-time student earning his Bachelor's Degree.

stuart maslow springfield first aid squad-1.jpg

Stuart Maslow (center) seen with members of the Springfield First Aid Squad

Stuart began his tenure at On Time in November 2009 as an EMT responding to calls out on the road. After a year of exemplary work, he was promoted to equipment coordinator --- managing the purchasing and allotment of tools for our ambulance fleet. In November of 2011 he left to pursue another opportunity outside of On Time, but six months later he came back.

In April of 2012, he moved to the dispatch department and within a few months became a full-time dispatcher.

In his current role as Scheduling Manager, Stuart handles trip scheduling statewide, manages staffing levels and vehicle deployment, develops new routes, and fosters new business relationships with healthcare facilities.

"My favorite part of the job is dealing with people, socializing, and getting an opportunity to hear different stories from different people."

Asked about what advice he would give to someone just starting out as an EMT, Stuart said:

"Always treat your patients with dignity. They all have their own stories and come from their own walk of life. Everyone has something to offer. Learn from them. Take a piece of their story with you."

In addition to his work at On Time, Stuart is also the Captain of the Springfield Volunteer EMS squad as well as a patient care technician in an emergency room.

We're extremely proud to have you as part of the team, Stuart. Keep up the awesome work!


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