NJ EMT Jobs: Switching Employers, Designing Your Schedule & Working for Multiple Companies

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 8/23/21 10:06 AM

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Here are a few NJ EMT-employment-related questions we get quite often:

  • What’s it like switching from another EMS company to On Time? 
  • What if I’m currently employed as an EMT, but I’m not quite sure about the company I’ve chosen? 
  • What if I like my current EMT job, I just want to pick up more hours at On Time or elsewhere? 
  • What are my options in these (or similar) scenarios? 


These types of situations are very common. If you’re unhappy with your current EMS employer, take a look around your area to see who else is operating. EMS is a pretty tight-knit community, and you probably have friends or former co-workers that you know at other companies. Why not ask them what their experience has been like with their employer?


Here’s a few sample questions. 

  • Do you get all the hours that you want? 
  • Is there a lot of scheduling flexibility?
  • Will they work around your school schedule or that of your children?
  • Is the pay as good or better than local competitors? 
  • Are there clear paths to advancement and higher salaries?
  • Does the company care about its employees?
  • Are the ambulances well-equipped?
  • Do they have power stretchers to save your back when lifting?
  • Are there mentors at the company who can help teach and train the new employees?
  • Does the company culture align with your values?
  • Does the company offer competitive benefit packages?
  • Are there any other employee perks available? (retail discounts, other savings, etc). 


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Seasoned EMTs often work at multiple different providers, leveraging their experience and skill-set to create their ideal work schedule. At On Time, we are totally ok with this. If you want to continue working for your current company, and simply pick up a few shifts on nights or weekends with us, that’s great! We are always looking for EMTs, but more importantly, we are always looking for eager and capable people. 


So if you’re an EMT and you’re not 100% happy --- have a look around. Ask your network, see what other companies are operating in your area. You might be extremely happy that you did. Or, if you’re a full time EMT just looking to pick up more work --- reach out to some other firms in your area. Who knows what might come of it?

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