Fire Safety Tips for the Elderly and People with Disabilities

It's National Fire Prevention Week --- check out some fire safety tips and quiz yourself on your knowledge here!

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This week is the National Fire Protection Association's Fire Prevention Week... so it's a great time to take a moment and talk about fire safety! Below are some tips that the NFPA puts out, as well as some helpful links that go along with them.

When it comes to fire safety, the elderly and people with disabilities need to pay particularly close attention. For these individuals who may have serious mobility issues, the challenge of proper preparation can be greater than usual.

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Keep it low

If possible, sleep on the ground floor to make a potential emergency exit as easy as possible.

Sound the alarm

Make sure that smoke alarms are installed in all bedrooms and outside any sleeping areas. If someone in the house is hearing impaired, use an alarm equipped with a flashing light.

Do the drill

Do a dry rehearsal of what to do in the event of a fire. Practice this at least twice per year.

Open up

Confirm that you can open all doors and windows in the home. Make sure that windows haven't been painted shut, and clutter isn't blocking doorways.

Stay connected

Keep a phone nearby with emergency numbers in case you are trapped in an emergency situation.

Draw the map

With all members of your household present, draw a map of your home using the NFPA grid and mark two exits from each room and a path outside from each exit point.

Think you're already an expert on fire safety? Take the NFPA's Fire Prevention Week Quiz and test your knowledge.

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