Ambulance Fleet Upgrade: Power Stretchers

Why On Time Ambulance made the switch from manually-operated stretchers to our new power cots.

We recently decided to equip all ambulances in our fleet with power cots, replacing our old, manually-operated cots. From a safety and functionality standpoint, this upgrade is a no-brainer.


For all patients, especially heavier (bariatric) patients, power cots make patient transfers much easier and safer.

With a power cot, wraptor mattress, and transfer slide mat, significantly less manpower is required to load and unload a patient. However, our protocol requires that we always use the "2 man lift" technique---even with the new power cots.

Both our patients and our EMTs are now at a lower risk for injury during the patient transfer. Our EMTs will not have to worry about back injuries while lifting, and our patients will have a significantly lower risk of a stretcher tip/drop.

The new power cot systems had previously been deployed in a few test cases and received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Recalling his experience with the new equipment, EMT Field Supervisor Rahshon Wright said, "I used [a power stretcher] on a 350lb patient with the slide mat, wraptor cot and loader. I didn't break a sweat --- or my back."

Although the power cots represented a significant expenditure, they'll end up paying for themselves quickly due to increased patient safety and fewer instances of employee injury.

For us, it's important to share these equipment updates with our clientele. We pride ourselves on being the safest medical transportation company on the road today. While others may cut corners, we are committed to delivering the safest, most comfortable trips for our patients and our staff.

The old way (manually-operated cots)

The new way (Stryker power cots)

On Time EMTs demonstrating the "two man technique" power cot load



An animated explanation of a Wraptor Mattress (used in conjunction with power cots)

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