From EMT to Director of Clinical Services

Find out how Elana Toboul moved up from an EMT to the Director of Clinical Services managing a large Specialty Care Transportation Unit at On Time.

During my summer break from college in 2005, I became an EMT at On Time. I first heard about the company from another EMT I went to school with. He raved about how great it was to work there, so I decided to try it!

During that summer, I covered other employees' shifts for a week at a time while they went on vacation. I made some excellent friends that summer, both colleagues and patients, I thought, "What a terrific group of people!" When the summer ended and the fall semester opened, I remember thinking now I understood why my friend had been raving about working at On Time.

I enrolled in my last fall semester of school and graduated college. I worked for a few years and decided I wanted to go back to school to pursue my Bachelor in Science of Nursing and become a Registered Nurse.

I practiced as an ICU nurse for a while then I heard that On Time was looking for someone to run their critical care transportation division and oversee clinical services. I immediately jumped at the opportunity! I thought, "What a great spot for me! This is a perfect blend between my first love of pre-hospital emergency medicine and my higher-level training in critical care!" And to make the deal even sweeter, I would get to work for On Time again!

So almost 10 years after my summer as an EMT at On Time Ambulance, I was hired and returned as the Director of Clinical Services and oversee the Specialty Care Transportation Unit.

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