2016 Communications & Finance Department Holiday Decoration Contest

Watch our video walkthrough and photos of the First Annual Holiday Decoration Contest at On Time.

On Friday, December 16th, we held our First Annual Holiday Decoration Event with our Communications and Finance Team in our Roselle, NJ office. Check out our walkthrough video and photos of the winners below!

We hope to expand this contest next year and want to thank all of our departments for the hard work that they do year-round!

1. Cutest Santa's Workshop

Winner: Scheduling

CSWW and SSS Decorations.jpg

CSWW Decorations.1.jpg

Scheduling Happy.jpg

Scheduling Holidays.jpg

Dee Dee Desk.jpg

JD Scheduling.jpg


2. Jolliest Gingerbread Joint

Winner: Dispatch

Dan and Stu Desk.jpg

Dispatch Fireplace3.jpg

Fireplace and Presents.jpg

JGJW Decorations.2.jpg

JGJW Decorations.1.jpg



3. Most Wonderful Wookie Wonderland

Winner: Safety & HPiM

Merry the Force Be With You MWWW.jpg

MWWW Christmas Tree.jpg

MWWW Office.jpg


MWWW Chris and Melissa.jpg

4. Sweetest Snowy Scene

Winner: Billing

panorama Billing.jpg

Latesha Stu.jpg

Shredding Box.jpg

Latesha Clydie Desk.jpg

Katie Desk.jpg



5. Most Random Holiday Decorations

Winner: Operations



Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you everyone for participating! We had such a blast in the office and look forward to continuing the fun next year.

More pictures from around the office:

Steve Scheduling2.jpg


Joshania Shelf.jpg

Scheduling Shelf.jpg

Scheduling Wall2.jpg

Scheduling Wall3.jpg

Maria Desk.jpg

Scheduling 3.jpg

Snowy Village Dispatch.jpg

Scheduling Hannukah.jpg

Shredding Box.jpg

Scheduling Wall.jpg

Stockings Dispatch.jpg

Dispatch Snowman.jpg

Scheduling Arrow2.jpg

Happy Holidays from On Time!


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