Long Distance Medical Transportation Questions & Answers

Considering a long distance ambulance or wheelchair van trip? Read this first.

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Moving to a new location? Traveling to a medical facility far away? Visiting family in another state? Enjoying a vacation?

Consider long distance medical transportation.

Everyone from individuals with advanced health issues to highly independent people who require some medical supervision during the trip can benefit from this service.

Our ambulances, wheelchair vans, medical shuttle buses, or minivans are all available.

Long Distance Medical Transport benefits:

  • Full service travel assistance (bed to bed)
  • A team of care professionals working together for you
  • Live tracking of the vehicle
  • Room for personal belongings and a travel companion
  • Privacy, comfort and convenience
  • DVD players for entertainment during the trip
  • Multiple drivers if necessary (for non stop travel by a well-rested professional)

How do you calculate the cost of a long distance medical transport? Different than short trips?

Shorter trips are calculated at a base rate plus a per mile cost, but long distance trips are quoted on an individual basis depending on factors including distance, fuel costs, attendants, hotels, and other factors. Contact us today for a quote.

What info do you need from the customer to be able to quote a trip?

Pickup location, destination, level of care, additional requests (if applicable), and information about the customer's mobility status and needs.

What forms of payment are accepted? American Express, check, etc.?

We accept personal checks (as well as check by phone), money orders, cash, and most major credit cards including American Express.

Can we split the cost of the service between family members?

Absolutely. Our billing team will be happy to split the cost of a ride and issue receipts to each party involved.

What's the best time to call about arranging a trip?

We have highly knowledgeable customer care specialists ready to help 24/7 at (908) 298 9500. If you'd like to speak to a critical care nurse, that can be arranged as well.

Can a companion ride along for the trip? Is there an extra charge?

One companion may ride along with the patient on the trip free of charge. Additional companions will incur a small fee.

Can a long distance transport take both of my parents who need different levels of care and assistance?

Yes, sometimes long distance trips involve elderly couples each with transportation needs. We are happy to accommodate this type of request.

What are the qualifications of the drivers? Are they medically trained?

All of our van drivers and attendants are certified MAVOs or Mobility Assistance Vehicle Operators. That means they have advanced training in CPR, oxygen administration, and other health care practices.

If an ambulance is required, it will be staffed by emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

What if my relative doesn't need too much help? Is this service still right for them?

It certainly can be. Many people choose long distance medical transport in a van for themselves or a loved one who doesn't need too much help. Especially if air travel is not possible, this solution can be perfect.

What if my relative needs oxygen during the ride?

That can absolutely be accommodated in an ambulance as well as in a van. All van drivers are certified in oxygen administration.

What if my relative is incontinent? Can you accommodate?

Yes, we have experience with transporting people with incontinence issues.

How much advance notice do you need?

For long distance trips, we appreciate as much notice as possible, but can usually arrange a transport with 72 hours advanced notice.

Can I request a female staff member for my mother?

We understand that some clients prefer to choose the sex of their driver/companion, and we do our best to accommodate these requests when possible.

What is your geographic service area? Do you cover every state? What about Canada or Mexico?

For local trips, we service New Jersey and Pennsylvania. But for long distance rides, we can take passengers all across the lower 48 states. Unfortunately, due to various laws and regulations, we cannot travel to either Canada or Mexico.

Can I put in special TV/media/book/music requests?

Yes. Many of our vehicles are equipped with DVD players and we have in the past provided customers with TV shows, audio-books, and music of their choice.

Can you accommodate special diets/meals/snacks?

Absolutely, we are happy to do what it takes to make the trip as comfortable for the client as possible.

Can our cat/dog ride along too?

Service animals are welcome.

How do I know if I need to book an ambulance or just a van transport?

Ambulance trips are typically reserved for stretcher bound patients, but in the case of a long distance trip, we often recommend an ambulance instead of a van for someone with mobility issues. The reason is that for many people it can be rather exhausting to sit up in a car for many hours, so they might be better off on a stretcher in an ambulance for their own comfort and safety.


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