Long Distance Medical Transport: A Versatile Solution

Have an elderly loved one who's moving out of state or visiting family far away? Find out if long distance medical ground transportation is right for them.


When a loved one needs to travel but has chronic health issues or limited mobility, long distance medical transportation is often an appropriate solution. This mode of transport is more affordable than an air ambulance and more suitable for individuals with medical conditions than a simple car service.

Whether it's to move to a new location, visit family in another state, enjoy a vacation, or travel to a state-of-the-art medical facility far away, there are many reasons why patients and their families choose long distance medical transportation.

Depending on the provider, this service can accommodate everyone from individuals with advanced health issues requiring specialty care, to those who are highly independent yet require some trained supervision during the trip.

Based on the level of care required, vehicles used include fully equipped ambulances, wheelchair vans, medical shuttle busses, or minivans.


Benefits of long distance medical transportation include:

  • Full service travel assistance (bedside to bedside)
  • A team of professional nurses, drivers, and dispatchers coordinating care
  • Live tracking of the vehicle including location, speed, and ETA
  • Plenty of room for companions and personal belongings
  • Privacy, comfort, and convenience
  • DVD players for entertainment during the ride
  • Non-stop travel with multiple well-rested drivers

On Time offers both long distance and local medical transportation for all levels of care. We have safely moved clients from New Jersey to Virginia, Canada, and beyond. If you have a family member who needs this service, schedule a long distance medical transport with us and we'll get them there safely, comfortably, and on time.

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