On Time Celebrates 25 Years!

Posted by Kimberly Wellinger on 5/22/15 12:41 PM

After 25 years of great customer service, and dedication to excellence in quality transportation, On Time is excited to announce that we are improving even more!

Here at On Time, we have a long-lasting reputation for providing the best in medical transportation, but we don't just rest at that!  To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we have designed a new logo, a new website, added new companies, and renewed our dedication to our customer and employee experiences.

Our first venture into this improvement process was to re-design our logo.  After much thought it was decided that On Time's ever-lasting commitment to our clients was better explained in "caring in motion". We will continue to provide excellence in our mobility assistance, but On Time now provides more than just mobility assistance!

Our next endeavor was to renew our website.  This is one of the most exciting parts of our 25th anniversary rejuvenation!  Our old website didn't display all the extra care, thought, and effort that goes into On Time providing the best customer experience.  Our mission became to portray how much goes into On Time and what makes us different!  Our new website needed to feel welcoming and educational to anyone looking for transportation or employment.   It needed to show how large of a company we have become and how much we can offer our clients. Today we can happily say we have a website that does just that.

It is amazing that 25 years ago, we started with three vehicles in the basement of John's mother's house!  Now, we serve the entire state of New Jersey!  We have grown from providing only wheelchair and medical car transportation to anything from medical car, wheelchair van, Basic Life Support Ambulance, to Specialty Care Transportation.

We have developed an excellent dispatch team that can guide and track all 140 vehicles in our fleet and handle over 500-1000 trips per day!  We have an outstanding scheduling team that pre-schedules all 300 of our employees and routes all the scheduled trips for the next day, assigning them to appropriate crews and vehicles.

Our amazing customer care department is always available to discuss trips and assist callers in booking appropriate transportation services, answering questions, and helping with billing paperwork or authorizations. Our steadfast field operations staff is always there to help with any transportation need, in snow storms, heat-waves, traffic jams, and any other obstacles that come up.

The next exciting event that On Time took on was the acquisition of two new companies!  On Time recently acquired Fuchs EMS and Am Care EMS, both of which participate in 9-1-1 Emergency Medical Services.  What a thrilling new time, here at On Time!  We have been responding to emergencies for years but have not been a part of the 9-1-1 system.  Now, On Time EMS is introducing our excellent customer experience to the world of 9-1-1.

We have invested in the most advanced lifting and moving equipment to keep our patients safe and our employees injury-free. We have invested in Stryker's XPS stretcher system for improved patient comfort during transportation.  Power stretchers have replaced a great deal of our fleet' regular stretchers to improve safety for both patients and employees.  We have also started adding a new, industry-leading Power Load system that actually uses hydraulics to load and unload the patient and stretcher from the ambulance.  Many of our new Specialty Care Transport also has fold-down DVD players to improve the experience for our patients during long-distance trips.

On Time has and always will honor our commitment to our clients and to our employees.  We consistently strive to improve the experience.  Our dedication to safety is evident in every move we make.  We want to be the number one choice when it comes to transporting our clients loved ones.

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