On Time Team Takes On the Rugged Maniac

We had a great turnout for a really fun event this past weekend.

On Time Ambulance NJ Rugged Maniac

The On Time Team at Rugged Maniac

This past Sunday, in Englishtown, New Jersey, thousands of people participated in the Rugged Maniac Mud Run. On Time Ambulance was well represented with a determined team composed of seasoned, and many new, mud runners who were excited to attack the course.

The course is 3.2 miles with 25 unique and difficult obstacles throughout the run. The mantra of the day was "no one left behind" and to watch everyone stay together and encourage and help one another was an incredible display of teamwork.

A special shout out to Dan Tammaro for organizing the event and helping a few of our new mud runners overcome some serious fears. Watching people overcoming their fears of heights by climbing and catapulting over 20 foot walls was inspiring to all teammates and spectators.

We doubled the number of runners from last year, which was our first, and the goal is to double it again next year. Congratulations to all of you for taking on the challenge and for displaying fantastic courage and camaraderie.

On Time Rugged Maniac 3

On Time Rugged Maniac 2

On Time Rugged Maniac 4


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