How to Ace Your NJ EMT Job Interview

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 8/5/19 4:25 PM


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3 Facts About NJ EMS History

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 10/12/18 9:17 AM

We've come a long way with ambulance and emergency medical services since the early days of hammock carts and horse-drawn wagons. And our home state of New Jersey played a huge role in the evolution of first aid and EMS history. Here's three facts about the milestones our state has achieved throughout the years.


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Pricing Wheelchair Transportation: How Low is Too Low?

Posted by John Bush on 12/7/16 9:38 AM


“What’s the going rate for wheelchair transportation in New Jersey?”

The answer isn't as straightforward as you might think. Rates vary from company to company, but unfortunately, sometimes what really matters is, who’s asking? If you’re someone who handles regular referrals to ambulance companies, especially among Medicare patients, you’ve probably found that medical transportation company reps trip over themselves to offer you and your patients impossibly great deals. But if something looks too good to be true --- it probably is.

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6 Startling U.S. Healthcare Stats: A Visual Review

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 6/8/16 1:30 PM

Only about one in 10 Americans have a proficient level of health literacy. 90% of us can't understand and use health-related information in daily activites, and 40% of us can't explain the concept of a deductible.

Even educated and informed consumers can have serious trouble navigating our healthare system. Doctors, nurses, and EMS workers might not be surprised, but for the rest of us, here are six more stats that will make you stop and think. 

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