How to Prepare an Elderly Parent for Surgery

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 1/14/16 10:56 AM

Having an elderly parent undergo surgery can be a scary proposition. The senior population is frailer and more prone to complications than younger people. However, making sure that you and your mom or dad fully prepare for the procedure will ensure the best chances for success. Below are a few tips that we've picked up along the way.   

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6 Instances of Medical Transportation Fraud

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 1/8/16 12:04 PM

[updated: 3/8/17]

It seems like this phenomenon pops up in the news every week. Medical transportation is one of four major drivers of Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Some providers will attempt outrageous stunts to bill our health care system for expensive services. Below are a few examples from here in New Jersey and around the country.

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4 Quick Tips On Prior Authorization for Medicare Ambulance Transportation

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 12/9/15 2:55 PM


updated: 5/26/17

In December 2014, new Medicare rules on ambulance transportation went into effect here in New Jersey.

CMS implemented the new rules to weed out fraud from ambulance companies billing Medicare for transportation on a stretcher in an ambulance when other, less costly methods would have sufficed. While many welcomed these changes, there have been some unintended consequences.

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Long Distance Medical Transport: A Versatile Solution

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 11/24/15 10:30 AM


When a loved one needs to travel but has chronic health issues or limited mobility, long distance medical transportation is often an appropriate solution. This mode of transport is more affordable than an air ambulance and more suitable for individuals with medical conditions than a simple car service.

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Medicare Transportation for Hospice Patients

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 11/20/15 12:41 PM

When a loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, an extremely challenging road often lies ahead. Along with coping with grief and making appropriate arrangements, many difficult decisions need to be made.  

Navigating the healthcare landscape and determining what services are and are not covered for a person on hospice care can certainly feel overwhelming.      

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Medical Transportation for the Holidays: 5 Things to Know

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 11/9/15 12:43 PM


Thinking about how to get mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa to your family gathering for the holidays? Not sure if you’ll pick them up yourself, if they’ll use a taxi service, or if you'll consult a medical transporation provider?

Here are five things to keep in mind when arranging holiday transportation for elderly relatives.

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Factors that Affect the Cost of Private Pay Medical Transportation

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 10/30/15 12:08 PM

Medical transport is a perfect solution for a variety of different types of clients. But more often than not, Medicare and private insurance won't pay for it. The patient or the family must pay privately for the service. Rates can differ substantially, so before you pay privately for medical transportation for yourself or a loved one, be aware of some important factors that will affect the cost of the ride.

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From EMT to Director of Clinical Services

Posted by Elana Toboul on 1/30/15 2:54 PM

During my summer break from college in 2005, I became an EMT at On Time. I first heard about the company from another EMT I went to school with. He raved about how great it was to work there, so I decided to try it!

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Getting Your Bills Paid in the Era of High Deductible Health Plans Under the ACA

Posted by ToniAnn Murphy on 1/30/15 11:10 AM
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