3 Skills That Great EMTs Must Have

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 5/31/19 9:20 AM

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2019 NJ EMT Elective Class Schedule

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 1/16/19 9:31 AM

We are proud to be partnering with Community Safety Consultants to offer a full schedule of EMT elective courses in 2019. We offer a variety of different frameworks for each session, and these classes are free for all On Time employees. So without further adieu, here's what you can expect for EMT Elective classes with us in 2019.

Note: all classes will be held at our main headquarters in Roselle, New Jersey.

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On Time Team Transports 700lb Patient

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 10/25/18 9:19 AM

 On Time EMTs Kelvin Checo, Radwa Abdelfattah, Kristen Cammarata, Stephanie Pereira, and Enid De La Rosa


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3 Facts About NJ EMS History

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 10/12/18 9:17 AM

We've come a long way with ambulance and emergency medical services since the early days of hammock carts and horse-drawn wagons. And our home state of New Jersey played a huge role in the evolution of first aid and EMS history. Here's three facts about the milestones our state has achieved throughout the years.


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Egg Harbor City Location Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 7/6/18 9:08 AM
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2018 Spring NJ EMT Training Course Starts April 14th

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 2/14/18 11:32 AM


Great news. We’re hosting a course coming up in April that’s going to teach you how to be an EMT. When you’re done with the course, which runs from April 14th to July 21st, you’ll be ready to sit for the exam and work in NJ as an EMT.

Interested? Check out below for more info about the class and how to register today.

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Susan Delsandro is On Time's New Executive Vice President

Posted by John Bush on 12/20/17 10:46 AM



I am very happy to announce that Susan Delsandro has been promoted to Executive Vice President of the On Time Companies.

Hired way back when On Time’s headquarters was in my mother’s basement, Susan was our second driver, and first female employee.

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How We Teach Medical Transportation Safe Driving with StreetEagle

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 6/20/17 10:34 AM


Program Overview

Patient safety is our top priority. So we're always looking for ways to improve on that front. That's why three years ago we implemented our Silence is Golden program, a.k.a. Tone it Down. The program allows us to identify, improve upon, and strive to eliminate any unsafe driving whatsoever.

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Introducing On Time Billing Services: A Medical Transport Claims Solution

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 5/10/17 11:40 AM


We are proud to announce our newest service offering, On Time Billing Services.

This program combines personalized support and software to teach organizations how best to manage their ambulance and medical transportation billing.

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Employee Spotlight: Dispatcher Maxi Blaise

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 1/31/17 11:11 AM

Maxi Blaise, Dispatcher at the Roselle Headquarters, has been a member of the On Time team for over 20 years.

Maxi started at On Time in January 1996 as a caravan driver

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Long Distance Medical Transportation: NJ to MA, VA, NC, and Beyond

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 1/5/17 10:10 AM

This Christmas season we handled multiple interstate trips of 100 miles or more. Long distance trips have become one of our specialties. "We've really got these long distance trips down to a science," according to Scheduling Manager and EMT Stuart Maslow. 

An affordable and safe solution, long distance medical transport (LDMT) can be ideal for moving, visiting family, vacationing, and traveling to a distant medical facility for specialized treatment.


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On Time Wins 2016 NJ EMS Safety Award

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 12/2/16 3:55 PM

We were very proud to take home the 2016 OEMS Outsanding EMS Safety Award at the NJ Statewide Conference on EMS on Friday, November 18th. 

The Outstanding EMS Safety Award honors an agency that has demonstrated excellence in safety and patient care proactivity in emergency medical services.

We received the award based on two of our main safety initiatives:

  • Our 10 Safety Mantras Poster Campaign
  • Our Safety in Motion Program and Committee
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Under the Hood: Our Medical Transportation Fleet

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 5/5/16 2:18 PM

We are proud to have the largest service-area footprint of any private ambulance company in New Jersey.

Our 120 transport vehicles are deployed in three operational depots: Roselle, Voorhees, and Fair Lawn. These include: caravans, minivans, passenger vans, Mobility Assistance Vehicles (MAVs), Basic Life Support Ambulances, and Specialty Care Transport Units (SCTUs).

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Ambulance Fleet Upgrade: Power Stretchers

Posted by Brian Rowe on 4/8/16 1:26 PM

We recently decided to equip all ambulances in our fleet with power cots, replacing our old, manually-operated cots. From a safety and functionality standpoint, this upgrade is a no-brainer.

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What is Specialty Care Ambulance Transportation?

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 3/31/16 2:04 PM

Specialty Care Transportation or (SCT)

is a mode of ambulance transportation designed for individuals who need advanced life support and specialized medical monitoring and intervention by a critical care transport nurse during the transport. Think of it as a rolling intensive care unit.

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On Time Facility Partnership Benefit: Pet Therapy

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 12/30/15 9:19 AM

At On Time, our tagline is Caring in Motion. This means that our care extends beyond just transportation services. Quality care for our clients and partners is our top priority in everything that we do.

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On Time Celebrates 25 Years!

Posted by Kimberly Wellinger on 5/22/15 12:41 PM

After 25 years of great customer service, and dedication to excellence in quality transportation, On Time is excited to announce that we are improving even more!

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On Time Ambulance Defibrillation Save

Posted by Kimberly Wellinger on 5/8/15 5:30 PM

On May 7, 2015, On Time had the pleasure of commending; EMT Steven Valentin, EMT Romeo Lim, two Jersey City Medical Center EMTs, and several bystanders for their quick heroic actions when a Jersey City resident was having a heart attack in a baseball field. We were so delighted by the turn out at the award ceremony. Everyone from the coach of the baseball team to the Director of Jersey City Medical EMS, attended to show their support.

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NJTV Features On Time Ambulance

Posted by Kimberly Wellinger on 4/14/15 6:57 PM

On Time Ambulance featured on NJTV regarding new Medicare Prior Authorization rules. All employees should feel proud that you work for a caring, professional and HONEST medical transportation company.

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