A Year of Pandemic: NJ Ambulance Company Life in 2020 & 2021

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 2/25/21 12:05 PM


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Pet Therapy: Benefits, Creative Uses, and Why We Offer It

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 6/30/16 9:48 AM

Service animals are great for the blind and those with certain disabilities --- but new therapy solutions involving dogs, cats, and even birds and fish are gaining momentum throughout the health care world. 

Our tagline, Caring in Motion, means that quality care for our patients and partners goes beyond just our transportation services. It’s the driving force behind everything we do.

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On Time Facility Partnership Benefit: Pet Therapy

Posted by On Time Ambulance on 12/30/15 9:19 AM

At On Time, our tagline is Caring in Motion. This means that our care extends beyond just transportation services. Quality care for our clients and partners is our top priority in everything that we do.

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Pet Therapy: Jessie's Paws in Motion

Posted by ToniAnn Murphy on 12/30/14 3:00 PM
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