Wheelchair Van Transportation to the Airport

Answers to common questions about using our wheelchair van and medical car services to travel to and from the airport.

Do you have an elderly, wheelchair-bound, or temporarily mobility-challenged relative who needs help getting to and from the airport? Are you unable to take them in your own car and worried that a standard taxi driver won't have the necessary patience and training to accommodate their specific needs? Wheelchair van and medical car services might be the solution you've been seeking.


At On Time, we get regular requests for transportation to local airports (Newark, JFK, LaGuardia, and Philadelphia International). Many families want extra assurance that their loved ones with special transportation requirements are in good hands during transit to a flight.

Unlike taxi drivers, our Mobility Assistance Vehicle Technicians assist the client from inside the home, down the steps, outside, and into the vehicle. They will also load any baggage the client may be bringing along into the van or car. Once at the airport, the MAVT will make sure that the client is at the best possible drop-off point, and assist them inside with their luggage to check-in and to begin the next leg of the trip.

Airport drop-off options

Depending on the client's specific need, the drop-off process can happen in two different ways. If the client has a relative travelling with them, or has arranged for an airline representative to meet them immediately upon exiting the vehicle, we will do a standard drop off in the circle. If the client needs help getting inside, has no companion with them, and has not yet made formal arrangements with airline mobility assistance representatives, we will park our vehicle and provide complete assistance into the airport to rendezvous with the appropriate personnel.


Throughout the entire drive, our dispatch headquarters tracks the vehicle in real time along with how fast it is travelling. There is plenty of room to bring luggage and/or family members, caregivers, and companions. Our wheelchair vans are equipped with adjustable lifts and restraints to allow for different types of wheelchairs to fit safely and securely.


Newark Liberty International Airport mobility assistance information

John F. Kennedy International Airport mobility assistance information

LaGuardia International Airport mobility assistance information

Philadelphia International Airport mobility assistance information

Conveniently located in Roselle, NJ, we have satellite offices throughout New Jersey that allow us to service the entire state. We are also always open, so you can schedule a transport with as little as 24 hours notice (and sometimes less).

Next time a mobility-challenged loved one needs to get to the airport, let On Time get them there safely, comfortably, and on time.


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