Can Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs be Transported by Ambulance & Medical Car?

A look at various mobility aids and their compatibility with medical transport vehicles.


Whenever we book a wheelchair transport trip involving an electronic wheelchair, we first determine the specific make and model of the chair.

Our lifts can accommodate chairs up to 32 inches total in width (including the outside of the tires). This is a standard size and does not vary. Sometimes electric wheelchairs are too wide to fit on a standard sized lift. If this is the case, we immediately notify the patient and the booking parties and try to come up with another option.

We can always provide a wheelchair for a trip, but we do need advanced notice.

As electric wheelchairs have become increasingly popular, we are seeing this issue arise more and more --- so we wanted to be proactive about addressing it.

When we get the make and model of a wheelchair we make sure the chair has hooks for tie downs and to verify the chair is a wheelchair and not a scooter.

Scooters are generally too large and cumbersome to fit on the lifts of the vehicles.

What's the difference between a scooter and an electric wheelchair?

Mobility Scooters have handle bars and a tiller for steering and are mainly designed for outdoor use. Power chairs are meant for both indoor and outdoor use and are steered with one hand using a joystick. Power chairs are very maneuverable and easy to use inside the home.

A quick way to double check about wheelchair securement is to make sure hooks like these can attach to your wheelchair. We've provded a video below to give a clearer description.


QRT Deluxe hooks

A video demo of the SURE-LOK Wheelchair Restraints

Some common chairs and and scooters:

types of wheelchairs.jpg

If you have questions about a specifc make and model chair or scooter in regards to transportation possiblities, please reach out. We'd be happy to discuss your options with you.


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